Massimiliano Stanco

Massimiliano Stanco has enchanted the worlds of tradition and extravagant fashion with his ingenious, elaborate and tirelessly innovative designs. Mixing innocence and sex appeal, refinement with Art Deco and a love of craft with a futuristic boundary pushing aesthetics. Every Massimiliano Stanco bag is a true authentic, created using time-honored artisanal techniques that ensure the highest level of quality of Made in Italy. 


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Kate Walz LLC. is designed and managed by 19 year old Kate Walz. Designing since the age of 8, Walz’s work is continually growing and evolving. In the few short years she has become a runway veteran, featuring her designs in over 40 fashion shows around the United States, and represented America in the first ever fashion show on the eiffel tower. Emphasizing innovation, conception, and fabric manipulation- each garment is truly a handcrafted sculpture, personally working the fabric to create the shape she imagines.  Her work strategically combines whimsical, organic details with structured and timeless silhouettes. Walz creates pieces with a reoccurring influence of the 1960’s- focusing on the cultural movements, music, and art that occurred during this era. She aspires to achieve this idea by creating something that will exist in the world forever. Kate is currently a student at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City. 



Carter White

Carter White is an Avant-garde designer, his designs are currently being judged on a national rank by the scholastic art and writing competition.  He also creates mens and women's designs. We are thrilled to have Cater White as a first time designer on a professional platform this year at DSM Fashion Week.

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Terrie Bucker 



Terrie Buckner is an evening wear designer and is also a business owner at Nuevintage Apparel. It in the beautiful plains of Nebraska, Nuevintage Apparel offers a combination of vintage and indie designer fashion with a prairie boho spirit. 
Match your free-spirit with unique vintage clothing from us!   By using reclaimed and recycled products and materials Nuevintage Apparel  provides a greener solution to you, our customers. Each item on our site has been hand selected or redesigned using choice vintage pieces to capture the soul of the Bohemian girl any where worldwide.


 Dan Richters Is a midwest based fashion designer, his avant-garde fashion designs are inspired by the ocean life. Dan has won numbers fashion awards including Omaha Fashion Week's champion Gold fashion cup in 2015.  Dan gives his expertise back to the community by teaching young fashion entrepreneurs workshops through out Omaha, NE. You can find his fashion designs featured in art exhibitions in LA and on red carpet for fashion event bio here.



Mary Jane

Dalton Taylor creates clothes for the contemporary woman - one that is not concerned with buying looks; moreover, one that is concerned with building an aesthetic . His pieces are not designed in order to become the sole statement of the wearer, as their purpose is to enhance personality and eloquently facilitate the materialization of a vision. As a contemporary brand, his prices reflect the quality of the garments offered, while remaining reasonably attainable to the deliberate customer.


Mitchell Henderson

victoria raile

When I was about eight years old, my mom was studying fashion design in college and
one of her class projects was to make a collection for a fashion show. I loved every
minute of being backstage and watching her collection come to life. When I went to
college, I decided that fashion design was the career I wanted to pursue. While, I was in
school I always dreamt about being a Designer for a big company. During my last semester,
I went to New York City for a design internship with Tommy Hilfiger, and I loved my time
there. After I participated as a Designer in Fashion Weeks in the Midwest, I decided to create
my own brand and design what I found inspiring. My brand is called Gorgeous Bite and it is
for women who love unique pieces that make them stand out from the crowd but also follow
the trends. I design for women who are feminine, but also edgy, and who enjoy looking to the
past for styling inspiration.