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NIGHT to evoke your senses evening wear

Splash Seafood Bar & Grill
303 Locust St.


VIP* Cocktail Party: 6:30 PM - 7:00 PM

*VIP ticket holders only are invited to start the evening early to mix mingle and network

one complimentary cocktail per VIP 

dinner at 7:30 PM

Attire: Cocktail Chic

Evening two of DSM Fashion Week features a trio on each menu; a 3 designer lineup and a 3-course dinner at Splash Seafood Bar & Grill. Don’t forget to reserve your table for a night that will evoke your senses in more ways than one. A night filled with extravagant fashion awaits to make a splash.


Look forward to a night of glamour and style at the Splash Seafood Bar and Grill.

In a collaboration with Many Hands for Haiti, this event will benefit the lives of many living the nation known as the Pearl of Antilles. We will see you there!

Sponsored by

Mercedes- Benz of Des Moines / Splash Seafood Bar & Grill / Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel


Hannah Swanson

Crystal Brakhage

Tyeesha Mari